By lfaadmin -Aug 30,2023



The 2023 Awards Committee has reintroduced the Orange 2nd Division MVP Awards following slight adjustments that were made by the LFA.

The committee chairman, Cllr Cole Jeror Bangalu told a news conference today that instead of the second tier league jointly competing with the top tier for MVP, the LFA has separated the awards following some technical adjustments.

"The category of MVP in the 2nd Division has been reintroduced, but unlike the 1st and Upper Women's Divisions, the winner will scoop cash prize," Chairman Bangalu stressed.

The awards committee also announced in a press conference today that the nomination of MVPs starts today, 28 August and ends 8 September

Voting for the MVPs starts on 11 September, 72 hours after the nominations have ended on 8 September.

In another development, the committee chairman Cllr Cole Jeror Bangalu professed that there has been a halt to the fans of the year awards until next term when it'll be recalibrated.

Cllr Bangalu named Momo Blamo and Abraham Kamara of Tony FC, the duo of H. Dah Weah and Levi Gardea of Paynesville FC, Global Pharma's James Richardson as the top 5 contenders for the nomination of 2nd Division MVP.

3 players will be shortlisted after the coaches, players, and journalists have named their candidacies of nomination.

The co-chairman of the committee Benita Urey also unveiled Friday, 6 October as the new date for the ceremony in lieu of Saturday, 7 October that was previously announced.

"I think the chairman has said it all except that I want to re-emphasize here that the new date for the award is Friday, 6 October," Miss Urey asserted.


Aug 30,2023