Media practitioners and institutions wanting to cover all activities of the Liberia Football Association in the Year 2020 will need to be accredited by the Joint Committee on Security, Media and Ticketing.

Access is non-transferable and will ONLY be given to members of the press (print media, photo, radio, TV, film, news agencies and freelance), who fully meet the requirements. Applicant applying more than once or not meeting the requirements during the application process will be considered ineligible. Journalists applying for credentials should be current, working journalists, photographers or freelancers (photographers, writers or internet reporters) and will need to fill out and submit their applications online (follow link below).

The Online Application commences on December 15, 2019 at midnight and ends on January 30, 2020 at midnight; applicants won’t have access to the portal prior and after this period. Applications will be reviewed and processed during said period.

Applications will be reviewed and processed during said period. Approved credentials will be distributed at the headquarters of the Liberia Football Association from January 5 to February 5, 2020 between 10:00am – 5:00pm daily; please come along with a valid ID. Also, please note that each of the required document should either be in picture, pdf or MS-Word format, while filling out the form online; the size of each file should not exceed 1 megabyte. Each attached file should have a unique name in this format, “Required Document Name_First & Last Name of applicant”. Examples: Summary_SaahBono, Letter_SaahBono; Photo_SaahBono, ID Card_SaahBono; Passport_SaahBono, etc.